In&Out Firefighter Swipe Tool Sale

This is the NEW Modified In&Out Firefighter Swipe Tool. It can be used on both inward AND outward opening doors. Due to the extreme thinness to be able to easily fit around doors, please do not force the tool if you meet resistance. If you try to force it by pulling it through the lock hard, it will rip at the cutout. Practice makes perfect. No other Respectful Entry Tool works on both inward and outward opening doors like this!! Please watch the videos on the Firefighter Swipe Tool Facebook page to learn how to properly use it. All Firefighters and EMT's should own this tool since it only weighs 1 ounce and easily fits in any pocket. The Firefighter Swipe Tool is an alternative way of gaining access without causing damage. Created by an FDNY Firefighter, The Firefighter Swipe Tool's design allows for more versatility and flexibility. The high-strength, bendable mylar makes this tool strong and flexible Quicker entry, less destruction Patent pending