A huge thank you to everyone

After a fantastic 5 years, Bourke Spike Depot will be closing its doors. This wasn't an easy decision, but it's time for me to pursue new adventures.

Since 2019, I've had the privilege of personalizing fire helmets for incredible firefighters in all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, Europe and chile. Every design, every detail, represented the unique spirit and dedication of its wearer. Seeing your pictures with our products has been incredibly rewarding.

A heartfelt thank you to:

  • My amazing customers: Thank you for trusting me to create a special piece that represented your service and bravery.
  • The firefighter community: You inspire me every day with your courage and commitment.

For current orders:

All operations will continue to go as normal until all or most of the products are sold. If its out of stock we will not be resupplying it.

Looking ahead:

While Bourke Spike Depot may be closing, the memories and connections I've made will stay with me forever. I'm excited to see what the future holds!

With sincere gratitude,

Scott Hamilton

Why choose BourkespikeDepot?

Give your fire helmet some attitude by adding some dope fire helmet hardware to your composite or leather lid. (sorry no euro helmets allowed) 

We supply you with everything you need to install. No need to head to the hardware store in disappointment, because the screws are to short

 All of our products of made from high quality material, our spikes and dice are made from brass (Not Zinc or steel) so they wont melt or rust and will stand up to what ever you throw at them. 

Throw a little attitude on that salty Lid !