How to Install

How to install your new hardware

To install Bourke spikes on your helmet without having Bourkes

  • (preferred) borrow a set of Bourkes from a coworker (in case you decide you want Bourkes in the future they will be lined up correctly)
  • Position the shield on your helmet so that the inner edge of the brass frame is about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch from the outer edge of the helmet dome.
  • Mark the position of each of the two screw holes in the shield by making a dot or "x" on the brim of your hat for each hole before you remove the shield so that you can drill mounting holes.
  • Drill a hole in each of the two marked spots. ( 3/16" for 10-32 screws, 11/64" for 8-32 screws)

  • Insert screws and tighten with spikes. it is recommended to add a dab of removable thread locker to prevent them from fall off.

To install Bourke spikes on you helmet with Bourkes installed

  • Remove screws from Bourkes

Place brass washer on the bottom of Bourkes at the holes and insert screws

Attached spikes to screw.


Screw in the spikes allowing the brass washer to bend and conform to the holes on the Bourkes.

Once fitted remove spikes and place a dab of removable thread locker on the threads, to prevent them from falling off